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An unmatched driving record isn’t easy to come by. It takes a commitment to our customers, an understanding of industry standards, embracing safety regulations. In addition, we invest in leading technology that adds extra eyes and situation specific training to progress even further in our quest for safety.

Our most important investment? That’s easy. It’s our people! From our drivers that undergo extra training and hold the best certifications – to safety officers in multiple states – to our fleet mechanics that keep our vehicles in top notch shape – they make all the difference!

Hire quality people. Train to be better. Keep your great employees.


When you serve in your local communities, your neighbors can see who you are. FAIR runs through our blood, and we want you to see it in our people and our services. Integrity is respect for self and others, work ethic and accountability. Put us to the test, we strive to be good partners with all of our customers and our local communities.

In today’s economy, not all companies are keeping their commitments. We get it, times are tough, supply chains get interrupted, and better opportunities come along from time to time. But our loyal customer is too important, we keep our word – and you love us for that!

Fair and friendly people. Make commitments that you can keep. Show up ready and right on time!


You are there, dependable and ready. Just like our customers work hard to gain the trust of family, friends, and employers - SLE Charters is your partner that is always ready to go.

We add to our vehicle fleet each year for dependability, and this year is no different. We have a larger number of trained mechanics providing elite maintenance than ever before. We’ve added more stops and increased our network reach and size, with even more additions coming! And our excellent trained team drivers make it happen, where rubber literally meets the road – for you!

We will get you there dependably, on time and without incident. Always.


You haven’t met a company like Northwestern Stage Lines.

We get you where you’re going – but with personality. Small town attitude.

Meet some of our drivers, stop in and talk to your charter sales professional, talk to our customer team – and you’ll see it. We’re here for the relationship, the logistics, and all that – but more than that, we’re excited to be part of creating and fulfilling your memories. And if your driver seems to really enjoy being part of your trip, it’s because they do!

Northwestern Stage Lines Charters - because isn’t it about the memories?

NWS Charters
Our Northwest Stage Lines charter service is making it easier for your group to travel. With a variety of options and amenities to suit your needs, our charter buses are designed to serve you all the way to your destination.
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